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    Healthy Sewers

Prevent SSOs Stop Odors Improve Safety Boost Capacity Extend Service Life

Optimize Your Sewers Safely & Sustainably.

At Helix, we believe healthy sewers promote healthy communities and a healthy environment.

Municipalities rely on us to implement non-hazardous chemical and microbial solutions for restoring sewer flow, preventing backups, neutralizing noxious gases, extending infrastructure service life, achieving operational stability, and enhancing worker safety.

Plumbers: Unclog Your Potential.

With new anti-clog and anti-odor products from Helix Labs, you deliver more value to customers while earning extra profit.

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NEW! How JetBugs Kills F.O.G.

JetBugs combines chemical & microbial degreasers to supercharge sewer jetting, helping prevent SSOs and backups. This 2-minute video explains how its powerful formulation tackles difficult, recurring F.O.G. problems.

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Experience firsthand how much more productive sewer jetting can be with JetBugs degreasing additive. Get a FREE, no-risk 6-gallon pail (enough to treat 1000 gallons of jetting water) shipped directly to you ... request yours today!

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beach closures due
to SSOs in 2006


percent of SSOs
due to F.O.G.


percent of sewers
under 50% capacity


years for H2SO4 to
erode pipe an inch

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