Case Study

Hi-MAG Ph Reduces H2S Spikes

A Texas municipality was experiencing excessively high levels of H2S in a 4-mile sewer force main. They were receiving numerous odor complaints from neighborhoods across the city. Helix was contacted to assist in solving the odor problem.

Baseline H2S vapor readings were recorded and are represented by the blue lines on the left of the graph. To treat this issue, Hi-MAG Ph was dosed with a 500k GPD flow from a 6,000 gallon tank. On the right side of the graph, the blue lines are visibly smaller and less frequent. This represents an 85% reduction in H2S spikes.


Helix designed and built a dosing system to deliver Hi-MAG Ph Magnesium Hydroxide technology into the problem force main. This technology raises the pH of wastewater which chemically alters the aqueous H2S molecule and eliminates the problem of off-gassing.


Initial H2S spikes were over 2,000 ppm with an average of 95 ppm. After dosing approximately 100 GDP of Hi-MAG Ph, the spikes were reduced by 85%, and the average ppm was reduced by 80%. Odor complaints were eliminated, entirely.

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