Eco-friendly and effective cleaners for the corrugated industry.

Protect employees

Our solutions are environmentally friendly and replace harsh cleaners.

Mitigate downtime

Regularly scheduled maintenance eliminates the need to stop production.

Prolong equipment lifespan

Starch buildup in pumps and equipment reduces lifespan and efficiency.

Solutions for Corrugated

Here at Helix we understand every challenge is unique and we are committed to providing a tailored solution that is both effective and affordable.

Sticky Clean: Starch Adhesive Catalytic Cleaner


Identify needs with a discovery phone call


Provide appropriate product recommendations


Implement a no-risk trial


Understand usage and build out inventory for just-in-time ordering

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High quality products delivered with turn-key service.

We manufacture eco-friendly products designed to treat waste streams, boosting capacity and preserving infrastructure. Superior products alone are not sufficient in our ever-changing environment. We’re committed to providing unmatched customer service and support.