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Introducing the Minimizer System™ - Your Ultimate Solution for FOG Control

Unlock the Advantages of the Minimizer System™

Discover How Our Solution Enhances Your Municipality’s Grease Management Strategy

Efficient Maintenance

Streamline your maintenance efforts with automated dosing every hour, reducing the need for constant manual intervention.

Sustainable Treatment

Embrace eco-friendly grease control by utilizing grease-eating microbes, ensuring a sustainable approach to FOG management.

Proactive Protection

Prevent grease buildup before it becomes a problem, demonstrating a proactive approach to infrastructure care and regulatory compliance.

Minimizer System Pricing

Streamlined Grease Management Process

The Minimizer System™ simplifies the grease management process with easy installation and maintenance, allowing your team to focus on other critical tasks

Monthly Bacteria Refill

Every 30 days, refill the pail of microbes using the quick refill hose, an efficient process that takes approximately 10 minutes.

Quarterly Battery Recharge

Every 90 days, ensure optimal performance by utilizing the quick connect feature on the control panel for recharging, maintaining the effectiveness of your Minimizer System™.

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