Case Study: Excessive Grease in Sewer Causes Maintenance Headaches.

A West Coast city was experiencing excessive maintenance costs and risk of SSOs due to local restaurants emitting grease into the sewer line. The 6" line required regular jetting and the risk of SSO was imminent. Looking for a way to lower maintenance costs, the city engaged Helix Labs to install a Minimizer system to do so.

May 1: Lines were televised to set initial baseline for study. Line contained heavy grease and camera is unable to advance pass 164.3 feet in line. This baseline represents 3 months of grease buildup in the line.


May 23: Treatment begins. Helix Labs installed the Minimizer system that dosed grease-eating bacteria regularly into the sewer system. The lines were not jetted as recommended, but SHOCK dosed with Helix SEED for a short period to establish a grease-eating biofilm. The Minimizer system was then set to dose high-potency Minimizer LIQ daily.


The Minimizer system effectively reduced the build up in the line by digesting the existing grease and not only did the Minimizer system reduce the buildup in the sewer main, but digested incoming FOG which did not buildup further, as it had in the past

Before: Sewer main is reducing the size of the pipe with FOG buildup.

After: Lines televised 308' to compare to baseline video (110 days later) after 87 days of dosing, revealing that a full inch of grease has been removed from the pipe wall.

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