Case Study: Trap Packed with Grease Threatened by Local Authorities.

A gambling and entertainment establishment has seven restaurants feeding to a 10,000-gallon grease trap. The grease in the trap was solidifying and had to be physically broken up before pumping. Commercial pumping was required monthly based on the condition of the grease trap. The trap was producing sewer gas odors which led to complaints by neighbors, customers and employees. The local public utility was requiring them to make changes to eliminate citizen complaints and reduce the amount of grease flowing into the utility district sewers, or face fines. A treatment of HL-5000 was used to reduce the amount of FOG (fats, oils and grease) that needed to be pumped and to maintain the grease in an "oatmeal consistency" while reducing odors.


Initial inoculation with Helix bacteria occurred at the end of April, 2008. Odors are still non-existent and the grease trap has not been pumped since before inoculation with Helix products in 2008. Customer has saved money from pumping and has no citizen complaints. The local utility district is satisfied with the results and is no longer threatening action.

Before: Note solid, non-flowing nature of grease. Strong hydrogen sulfide (sewer gas) odor. Difficult to pump grease out because of the solid and sticky nature of the FOG.

During: The grease trap after 30 days of treatment. Note oatmeal consistency and flowable nature of FOG. Odor greatly reduced; no longer any complaints.

After: Even with 24/7 facility operation, oatmeal consistency of OFG is maintained due to microbial activity on grease in trap.

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